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What is price risk management?

  • Price risk is simply the risk that the price of a security will fall. [1]
  • Our crop marketing plans help you gain more security by better protecting you from falling crop prices and profits.
  • During every crop’s marketing season there is a profitable time, the problem is that nobody knows when it will be. CropsProfit doesn’t try to predict the future but helps you to have more opportunities to do profitable transactions when crop prices are high enough.
  • Price risk management is also one of the most important tasks of a portfolio manager, and this is why we have a specific designation for a portfolio manager on your CropsProfit team. Having a good portfolio manager to help maintain and check your crop marketing plans can really help lower your price risk and increase your profitability.
  • Our algorithms power your crop marketing plans and bring the important principles of price risk management together to help you operate a more viable and successful business.

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