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What is a Marketing Cycle?

  • Dividing a marketing season up into smaller parts has two main advantages. Firstly, smaller transactions distribute risk of making wrong decisions over more time periods, and secondly it is much easier to make rational decisions with smaller transactions than larger transactions. [1]
  • In CropsProfit a marketing cycle is the time you give yourself to sell a certain percentage of your total harvest when your profit goals are reached. For a weekly marketing cycle, you are therefore giving yourself a week to sell for example 5% of your total expected harvest when your ideal profit goal is reached.
  • Focusing your decisions on shorter time periods (e.g. weeks) also helps to block unnecessary noise from the market.
  • Typically a Marketing Cycle is a Week long and it starts on a Monday.
  • The marketing cycles you can choose from are; Day, Week, 2-Weeks and 4-Weeks.  
  • As this is one of the core variables in your crop marketing plan, the marketing cycle cannot be changed after a new season is created.

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