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What if I do not want to use put options?

  • No problem, you can switch it off or just ignore the instructions you are getting to buy put options.
  • To switch the use of Put Options off select “No Action For Now” by tapping on a season, then tap on the update button at the bottom of the screen. If you want this selection to apply to the whole season you must first tap on the marketing cycle at the top of the screen just below the season name and scroll down to the season’s first marketing cycle. Then scroll down to Marketing Tools on the update screen and tap on the Uncertain Harvest button.
  • Remember if you are updating a season and you want to apply this setting to the whole season you must scroll down to the seasons first marketing cycle. 
  • Or just ignore all of the instructions to buy put options; 
  • The Actual algorithm will see this and will automatically give you more chances to do certain harvest transactions (eg. fixed price contracts) when you start to increase your deliverable harvest.
  • The Simulation algorithm will however continue to buy put options, and after your total harvest is sold it will be interesting to compare your actual performance to the simulation’s performance.
  • For the simulation algorithm to do this properly you need to update the cost of the put options to at least the approximate market price of “At the money” put options during a season.
  • Remember that put options or similar types of uncertain harvest crop marketing tools are important to make your pre-harvest strategy work better. Without a pre-harvest strategy you might miss out on profitable opportunities to sell your crop. Buying put options can put pressure on your cash flow and you must keep this in mind when using it as a crop marketing tool.
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