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How do put options work in CropsProfit?

You and your team can manage put options on your crop marketing app.

  • During a season’s pre-harvest period put-options are used as a Marketing Tool to sell your Uncertain Harvest. 
  • Put options are typically bought for a season’s Contract Month, it is the month in which a season’s harvest will be completed.
  • The cost of put options is typically the cost of “At the money put options”. Make sure to regularly update this cost by tapping on a season, then the update button at the bottom of the season detail screen and under Marketing Tools tap on the Uncertain Harvest button. Get a quote from your registered trader or ask him/her to update it regularly as a member of your team.
  • Remember that put options become futures when they expire. It is best to have a registered trader on your CropsProfit team to help you manage this. 
  • You do not have to use put options. To select “No Action For Now” just tap on a season, then tap on the update button at the bottom of the screen. If you want this selection to apply to the whole season you must first tap on the marketing cycle at the top of the screen just below the season name and scroll down to the season's first marketing cycle. Then scroll down to Marketing Tools on the update screen and tap on the Uncertain Harvest button.