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How does CropsProfit work?

  • If you are still farming it means that you are profitable in the long term. This means that during a season there is going to be a profitable time, but you do not know when it will be. 
  • Trying to predict future crop prices and weather conditions fails because predictions are not accurate enough.
  • CropsProfit uses the concept of profit margin hedging to make decisions, it tells you if you are making a profit today and what you can do about it.
  • To set your ideal profit goal in CropsProfit you can for example use your average net profit of the last five seasons. Typically the lowest profit goal in CropsProfit is made 30% lower than the ideal profit goal.   
  • As the market price changes over a season and you reach your Profit Goals, CropsProfit’s algorithm offers an “Aim for a marketing cycle”. It is only an indication, you have the freedom to decide on your transaction.
  • To make it easy to know if you have a transaction to do you will see a red dot on a season’s name, just follow the dots until you get to the Transactions page.
  • To make better decisions it is important to update your season’s details as soon as something changes on your farm. 
  • The experts call this price risk management, which simply means we help to protect the money you make.
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