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How does CropsProfit work?

  • During every crop's marketing season there is a profitable time, the problem is that nobody really knows when it will be.
  • CropsProfit does not try to predict the future.
  • You decide on your Profit Goals - it is the amount of profit you would like to make before you sell your crop. 
  • As the market price changes over the season and you reach your Profit Goals, CropsProfit offers an “Aim for a marketing cycle”. It is only an indication, you have the freedom to decide on your transaction.
  • To make it easy to know if you have a transaction to do you will see a red dot on a season’s name, just follow the dots until you get to the Transactions page.
  • To make better decisions it is important to update your season’s details as soon as something changes on your farm. 
  • The experts call this Profit Margin Hedging, which simply means we help to protect the money you make.