How do the notifications work?

Notifications are personal reminders that you set for yourself. It only works for active crop marketing plans on your homepage (it also does not work on demo seasons and seasons with end dates).

  • Confirmed Transactions lets you know when another team member confirms a transaction.
  • Transactions to do notifies you when a crop marketing plan’s algorithm indicates transactions to do. To make it easy you will see a red dot on a season’s name, just follow the red dots until you get to the Transactions page.
  • Update Deliverable Harvest helps you remember to update a season’s Deliverable Harvest. This notification starts a month before a season’s harvest and repeats at the start of every marketing cycle. It ends when a season’s Deliverable Harvest is made 100%.
  • Update Season reminds you to update any important details on a specific season’s crop marketing plan.
  • Market Prices & Profits reminds you to view your live market prices and instant profits at the times you choose.
    When a new team member joins, or when a team member leaves, all team members are notified.
  • A red dot on the CropsProfit icon on your mobile device. It shows that you have push notifications waiting. Open your mobile device’s notifications screen, and tap on the notification to open it in CropsProfit.
  • A red dot on the Knowa icon in the app shows that there are in-app notifications for you. Just tap on Knowa and tap on each notification on the list to open it. To prevent a long list, notifications older than 7 days are automatically removed. If Knowa has in-app notifications at 07.00 in the morning, you will receive a push notification at 7:00 to remind you. 
  • If you do not receive notifications, update your battery optimisation and other notification settings for the CropsProfit app on your mobile device.